[RC5] Re: An idea for making our point about RC5-56

Jocelyn Doire jdoire at cslo.consultronics.on.ca
Fri Jul 31 19:56:46 EDT 1998

gindrup at okway.okstate.edu said:

> If we had 17000 dedicated P5MMX/233 class or better machines we'd be
> flying along much faster.

Computer running the RC5DES client are pretty much dedicated to the 
task. Very little of my CPU is used to run my programs, except for 
very short burst. I really doubt that I use even 5% of the CPU 
cycles, so making my computer almost exclusively dedicated to 
running the client. I strongly suspect that is the case for the vast 
majority of the computers running RC5DES.

Jocelyn Doire
TCS Project Manager
jdoire at cslo.consultronics.on.ca
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