[RC5] DES-II-2

Rob Rogers thewizardman at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 1 12:21:53 EDT 1998

I am fairly new to the contest, and wanted to make sure I had everything 
set up properly before DES-II-2 starts. My first question is about the 
speed benchmark. I ran the benchmark on my dual processor Pentium II 266 
at work, and it gave me around 615 KKeys/sec. I have actually been 
getting around 1.38 MKeys/sec. Is this because the benchmark only tests 
one processor?

My second question is concerning buffering. From what I've read from the 
list, it's not a big deal if people buffer keys and don't send them back 
before they're reassigned. The reason I mention this is that the 
computer at work, along with 9 other PC's on a LAN don't have a constant 
internet connection. I will have to buffer enough blocks to last them 
from 4:30 until 8:00 the next morning, and as the contest nears the end 
that will probably mean buffering blocks that will be reasigned as 
little as a few hours later.

Thank you in advance

TheWizardMan at hotmail.com
ICQ #10958053

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