[RC5] Win98

Chris Eaton tridus at inforamp.net
Wed Jul 1 15:47:42 EDT 1998

At 04:25 PM 30/06/98 , you wrote: 
> I recently upgraded to win98 and I found that my average keys/sec went up
> from usually being around 820,000 - 800,000 to around 820,000 - 840,000. Is
> that common for all who upgrade to win98 from win95?

That would be common for people who already had IE4 installed in Win95 and had
the active desktop on. If you did NOT have IE4, installing Win98 slows down
your system over Win95. (installing IE4 into Win95 slows it down more then
upgrading to 98 does however, thats why you noticed the speed increase, I
noticed a decrease.)

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