[RC5] Question, RE: Block Sizes....

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Wed Jul 1 15:25:39 EDT 1998

'Alpha42' said previously:

| Does a 2^31
| block still only count as one block? 

For buffering, fetching, and flushing purposes, yes.  (For buffering, I
would like to see this changed so that buffer sizes are still expressed
in terms of 2^28-sized blocks.  See my other post on offline clients as
to why.)

For statistics purposes, it counts as the equivalent number of 2^28
blocks, so that different people can be compared on the same scale,
regardless of what size blocks they're requesting/cracking..

One other thing worth noting:  If your client is set to request 2^31
sized blocks, you actually could receive anywhere from a 2^28th sized
block up to a 2^31 sized block.  (There are even oddball sizes in
there, such as 3*2^28 and so on.)



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