[RC5] several ?'s

Mike Burgess Mike.Burgess at trw.com
Wed Jul 1 10:42:01 EDT 1998

1) I have access to the  SUN-UNIX network here at work, and can/have
    been running on a few machines on the network. Will new clients
    for unix Suns solaris/sunos be out before the 13th?
         Running the :
      rc5des-sunos414-dynamic   RC5DES v2.7019.402 client 
        (does not seem to multi-thread   MT)

2) more sun ?'s    I see the beta and normal builds, and wonder what 
    some of the suffexes mean,    Dynamic and Static?
    I don't want to play too much and crash a sun, then the admin will get
    mad at me.

3) Can we get a trial sequence set to run the switch-over to DES?
      meaning:  a couple of days BEFORE DES starts, do a FAKE start 
     on DES,  We'd loose a couple of hours of RC5 time, but I'd hate to
     come in to work monday and see a dozen suns crunching on RC5, 
     when DES has the time limit.   I know about the glitch in 1 proxy server
     that switched earlier, but it didn't test any of mine.  My dial-up
     system, I'll notice that switch right away.
Mike Burgess     see: http://www.cowswithguns.com/  Not my page though!

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