[RC5] Time out and DES-II-2 challenge

ALBERTY Pascal pal at bsb.be
Thu Jul 2 09:50:01 EDT 1998

>| Of course I'll do it! But what about people who'll forget to make these
>| changes.
>These people will simply do redundant work.  No harm done, just less

That's the problem I pointed out!!! "Just less efficient" can't be
accepted for DES-II-2 challenge (it's my opinion).

I remember the policy used by solentuna group. The block had a time-out
of 24 hours (or 72 I don't really remember). Ok it was really short and
some computers can't participate (some which are not permanently
conected to the Internet). But for short time challenge, is not a good
solution ?

ALBERTY Pascal - pal at bsb.be
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