[RC5] DES-II-2

Steve Bird sbird at UATC.com
Thu Jul 2 10:14:31 EDT 1998

First, remember that the clients will randomly generate keys if there is
an absence of real ones.  As far as determining the number of keys you
could pre-download for the PCs at your work, I would just try to
determine how many blocks they could each do in one day.  Maybe start it
at 9AM when you come in and then at 9AM the next day to see how many
blocks they could do.  Then add those totals together and multiply by
the number of days you want to wait before turning them in.

Second, you said that you don't have a constant internet
connection...What does this mean?  Are you behind a firewall? Can you
access the internet even though you might not be connected via network.
If it is the latter, remember that you can now submit blocks via email.
This can be really handy unless you have different users logging
in(which would mean different email addresses).  Maybe you could email
theseblocks to an account you have at home which you could then forward
under YOUR email address to the d.net.  

At least you have the ability to do such a thing at your office.  In a
cruel twist of irony, our ENTIRE IS department is currently running on
P2-266's (about 30 of em) and all we're using them for is Oracle Reports
and MS Office and network access to a few HP boxes.  I've tried talking
to the admins(hey, we could win some money, hey maybe we could get a
little publicity for our IS dept), but just to convince them that all it
would do is suck out idle time on the processors would take weeks.  Even
if I could just get them to run it, convincing them to set it up on a
proxy would be ANOTHER nightmare.  Ah well,  good luck

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	I am fairly new to the contest, and wanted to make sure I had
	set up properly before DES-II-2 starts. My first question is
about the 
	speed benchmark. I ran the benchmark on my dual processor
Pentium II 266 
	at work, and it gave me around 615 KKeys/sec. I have actually
	getting around 1.38 MKeys/sec. Is this because the benchmark
only tests 
	one processor?

	My second question is concerning buffering. From what I've read
from the 
	list, it's not a big deal if people buffer keys and don't send
them back 
	before they're reassigned. The reason I mention this is that the

	computer at work, along with 9 other PC's on a LAN don't have a
	internet connection. I will have to buffer enough blocks to last
	from 4:30 until 8:00 the next morning, and as the contest nears
the end 
	that will probably mean buffering blocks that will be reasigned
	little as a few hours later.

	Thank you in advance

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