[RC5] Who cracked that block ??

Nick Leverton leveret at warren.demon.co.uk
Thu Jul 2 12:03:29 EDT 1998

At what stage, exactly, does the cracker's address get associated with a
block ?  Here's a couple of scenarios I'm thinking of:

An offline client is configured with address A.  It works on a networked
buff-in and buff-out, which is fetched and flushed by a client with
address B.  Which address is associated with A's blocks - A or B ?

If, instead, A's buff-out is flushed by email, using mailing address C,
which address gets them then - A or C ?

In fact I have both these situations, one at home and one at work, but
haven't worked it out from the stats as there are other variables for me
too.  It's not important for the team as a whole, just an idle enquiry !

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