[RC5] dual processor BeOS RC5 benchmarks

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Fri Jul 3 05:30:00 EDT 1998

Hi Jeffrey

On Jun 29 Jeffrey Hartgerink (jeffrey at scripps.edu) wrote:

> I'm looking for RC5/DES benchmarks on dual processor BeOS systems.

Well my original BeBox (2xPPC603e 133MHz) does about 850k RC5key/s
That's just a little bit more than my Amiga at 660k RC5key/s :)

Speaking about the BeOS-Client: the latest BeOS-Client
(rc5des409-beos-ppc-cli) seems to crash my box once in a while.
The computer just hangs. Only poor man and rc5des are running on
that computer. nothing else. It's BeOS Release 3.


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