[RC5] Keys, Buffers and things DES...

Jim C. Nasby nasbjim at charlie.cns.iit.edu
Fri Jul 3 01:38:18 EDT 1998

There's been a lot of talk about the upcomming DES contest, so I wanted
to clear some things up.

First, there has never been a problem with 2^31 blocks. The earliest
clients that allowed you to select a block size offered 2^28-2^32, but
2^32 was bugged, so it was dropped.

Block latency will be an issue with DES-II-2, especially towards the end
of the contest. Because of this, please do not buffer more than one days
worth of blocks if at all possible.

Network load is also a concern for this contest, so please use the
largest sized blocks that you can, preferably 2^31. The network does
track how large each block is, and you do get proper credit in stats.


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