[RC5] Old client switching?

Kiraly Andras andras at chaos.hupe.hu
Fri Jul 3 21:49:14 EDT 1998

Good day for all!

This is my first letter to this list, and I'm not a subscribed member, so
please: send answers to PRIVATELY, too. Thanks.

One question about the contest switching. There's an announce about it:

"Older clients will not automatically switch from rc5 to des; to ensure that
your clients start on DES-II-2 ASAP without human intervention, an upgrade is

I'd like to know what does "human intervention" know, so if I'm running the old
client, what is the method to switch to DES-II-2?

Change "preferredcontest=1" to "preferredcontest=2"?

Or anything else special step? I ask it, because in the old days we know that
the client preferring RC5, and when it doesn't find RC5 blocks, try to grab DES
blocks, so it was an "automatic switch", wasn't it?



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