[RC5] Beta and proper way to set up multiple clients?

David Taylor dtaylor at nildram.co.uk
Fri Jul 3 17:48:37 EDT 1998

> One thing that might help newbies such as my myself, is make a package
> available for download that includes the pproxy, client, and faq for each
> platform.

Well, most people dont need the pproxy, and why would you need a faq
for a platform you dont have?

I think a better idea would be to have a package containing the client and
faq, and a seperate package containing the pproxy and the faq.
Basicly, just add the faq to the packages containing client/faq
if it isnt there already (I dont think it is, i don't actually remember)
And perhaps put a bit more info about the pproxy into the client docs.

> Then again, maybe not. The whole idea of a program running on a 
> server that doles out portions of a problem to workstations to
> chew on, is  new and alien to me. Perhaps to others also.

Urm, well, that is exactly what the master key server is doing to people
without pproxies (OK, actually the master key server doles out portions
of a problem to proxies, which dole it out to workstations, or pproxies
which then dole it out to a workstation).

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