[RC5] Old client switching?

Jim C. Nasby nasbjim at charlie.cns.iit.edu
Sat Jul 4 11:41:55 EDT 1998

You are correct... in order to switch an old client back to DES, you will have to
change preffered contest back to 2 AFTER DES STARTS.

Before DES-II-1, prefered contest could be set to 2 before the contest started
(this was in fact the default). This was because the network was not sending any
DES blocks at all. The method for switching old clients back to RC5 was to send a
bunch of DES test blocks, which we are still doing (and there are still clients
requesting DES blocks btw...) So, you can't change the preferred contest setting on
an old client right now, because there are test blocks in the system. The client
would see a bunch of them, and revert back to RC5. This is a bit of a
simplification, but it's pretty close. :)

The simplest solution is to run a newer client, since they use a different method
to determin what contests are active. If there isn't a port for your platform yet,
you can request it at http://www.distributed.net/porting/ (there is a link to this
page on the clients page, just above the listing for all the clients). We're trying
to port to as many platforms as possible before DES-II-2 starts.


Kiraly Andras wrote:

> Good day for all!
> This is my first letter to this list, and I'm not a subscribed member, so
> please: send answers to PRIVATELY, too. Thanks.
> One question about the contest switching. There's an announce about it:
> "Older clients will not automatically switch from rc5 to des; to ensure that
> your clients start on DES-II-2 ASAP without human intervention, an upgrade is
> required."
> I'd like to know what does "human intervention" know, so if I'm running the old
> client, what is the method to switch to DES-II-2?
> Change "preferredcontest=1" to "preferredcontest=2"?
> Or anything else special step? I ask it, because in the old days we know that
> the client preferring RC5, and when it doesn't find RC5 blocks, try to grab DES
> blocks, so it was an "automatic switch", wasn't it?
> Thnaks&bye.
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