[RC5] Beta and proper way to set up multiple clients?

Jim C. Nasby nasbjim at charlie.cns.iit.edu
Sat Jul 4 11:49:06 EDT 1998

David Taylor wrote:


> > Then again, maybe not. The whole idea of a program running on a
> > server that doles out portions of a problem to workstations to
> > chew on, is  new and alien to me. Perhaps to others also.
> Urm, well, that is exactly what the master key server is doing to people
> without pproxies (OK, actually the master key server doles out portions
> of a problem to proxies, which dole it out to workstations, or pproxies
> which then dole it out to a workstation).

I think what was being said is that the concept of distributed computing is
alien to a lot of people, and I think he's right. I know some of us feel that
this is the future of computing (I personally had the idea about 10-15 years
ago... I'm just glad some people, such as Duncan (Adam Beberg), had the same
idea and the knowledge to implement it. ;) ) Unfortunately, most people I talk
to fail to see the significance of distributed computing. But seeing the
reaction of someone who grasps the importance of it after you explain it to
them makes up for it. :)


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