[RC5] RE: Clients Optimized for Beowulf class systems

Avon Kerr avon at onyx.interactive.net
Sat Jul 4 16:15:37 EDT 1998

I had a very tepid response to a question I posted a while back about using
specialized DES hardware to assist us.  I've run into some more hardware
that might be a bit easier.

Currently, I have access to a 16 node Beowulf class system that is used
primarily once a month for a 3-day compiling job.  The rest of the month,
it sits idle.  It's composed of basic Compaq Proliant Workstations (4000

Pentium Pro 200, 128MB Ram, Matrox Millenium MGA(seems to be an OEM version
of the card), Some form of SCSI-2 drives, and a weird network adapter.  It
looks like a 3com but these machines also have an internal one built into
the motherboard which isn't used.  It's all plugged into a 100Base
Full-duplex switch (Samsung).  

Anyhow.  Has anyone written a client that can be used for a situation like
this?  I know that various custom clients were written for some machines
that used vector processing.  Has anyone explored some off-the-wall client
architecture that works for this application?  While I might be able to go
around to each machine individually and add clients on them, I'd probably
get fired.  If I put in a formal Statement of Work, and document what I'll
be doing, I can get access to it at least 2 weeks a month continously.  

Any help, or leads appreciated.

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