[RC5] The future of supercomputing?

Pete Krawczyk petek at mc.net
Fri Jul 3 22:55:52 EDT 1998

G'evening (morning?) all...

I received this today in my Wired News bulletin:
           T O P   S T O R I E S         4:00am 3.Jul.98.PDT
       TECH. 4:00 am
           Hobbyists hacking away in basements have long created
           innovative computers. Now researchers at the Los Alamos
           National Laboratories have leaped to another level, building
           a mondo supercomputer with a mini pricetag. By
           Ilan Greenberg.


The "mini" pricetag spoken of is $150,000 - but the processing power
is in excess of 19 gigaflops.  It uses Linux to harness 70 Digital Alpha 533 MHz processors.  Each processor is in actuality a separate computer - just like you'd buy from Digital.  It's connected by fast ethernet switches.

At the list of supercomputers at http://www.top500.org/top500.list.html,
the top computer listed is the Intel Red at 1.3 teraflops, which, if memory serves me correctly, is the current processor speed of the whole distributed.net machine according to a post here a bit back.  This computer ranks 315th.

Maybe we can take an example from this as the solution to multi-processor based distributed computing.

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