[RC5] Smokin' Celery

jpearl at qsi.com jpearl at qsi.com
Sun Jul 5 16:50:16 EDT 1998

I hadn't seen it mentioned so I thought I'd let everyone know about how
well the Celeron performs with RC5. First - I normally runa PII 300 on a
ABIT BX6 board. It runs 338mhz no sweat but 350 heats it up to the point
that it locks up after about 30mins. This with three fans on the sionk...
So, I had a chance at a Celeron and decided I'd go ahead and test it out to
see how well it would run. I'd been told that because it had NO cache that
it would be slow but that it could be overclocked. Well, it does indeed
overclock VERY nicely and so far as everything else I run on it - all of
that also seems to run well too! It seems that the lack of cache isn't as
big a factor when the core is as cool as the Celeron and can be overclocked
to - 412MHZ!

Yep, it does indeed overclock to 412mhz with no sweat. I've now been
running this puppy 24X7 for 3 days sans A/C in the house (office very warm,
6 computers!). It hasn't locked up or given me any troubles at all. In
order to run 412mhz you must set it for 4X100mhz plus enable the Turbo
setting. Then you must bump the core voltage to 2.1volts and make sure you
use a good heatsink. My heatsink cost $8 and came equipped with a fan. I
used heatsink grease on it and it remains mostly cool to the touch. Sans
the silly plastic housing the PII might even cool better (grr) and I'd get
it going a bit faster.

Anyway - here's the results of the last block I did ->

 [Jul 05 19:38:11 GMT] Completed RC5 block 6DDD56E7:C0000000 (1073741824
                      0.00:16:54.47 - [1058426.39 keys/sec]

Note that this block was done with two browser sessions up, Lotus Notes up
in three windows, a PerProxy, and SyGate NAT software running. It normally
runs about 1128K and some change. All of my other software "feels" pretty
snappy right now too so I don't think the lack of cache at this speed is
that big of an issue except for maybe in some benchmark programs. I've not
yet tried benchmarking it as I'm not sure which program I'd want to use..

Oh yes - 448mhz fails after POST with volts at 2.2. The poor thnig just
can't quite get it up at that speed! Ah well. I suppose the best part of
this is that the CPU itself only cost me about $119! Decent performance I'd
say! I'd also say that I'd be surprised if any better scores were cranked
out by a Celeron 300 as it's likely the same chip with another multiplier


jvp at qsi.com

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