[RC5] RE: Clients Optimized for Beowulf class systems

Karl G - NOC Admin ovrneith at micros0ft.com
Sun Jul 5 22:12:17 EDT 1998

On Sat, 4 Jul 1998, Avon Kerr wrote:

> Anyhow.  Has anyone written a client that can be used for a situation like
> this?  I know that various custom clients were written for some machines
> that used vector processing.  Has anyone explored some off-the-wall client
> architecture that works for this application?  While I might be able to go
> around to each machine individually and add clients on them, I'd probably
> get fired.  If I put in a formal Statement of Work, and document what I'll
> be doing, I can get access to it at least 2 weeks a month continously.  

If i understand the concept of the Beowulf architecture...  you will pretty
much get a better end key rate by running rc5des on each machine
separately.  would also cut down on network traffic...  I am running rc5des
on a few machines used in a similar manner... (only used for x hrs/day) 
i'm using crontab to spawn rc5des at 7pm and run for 10 hrs, afterwards
flushing the buffs.  In your case, you would probably want to specify a
time of 336 hrs (14days*24hrs) and have it spawned by crontab, say, every
2nd fri of the month at midnight.  i that way you don't even have to login
to kick it off. f possible, have the machines share buff-ins and outs...
if not, then set yourself up a personal proxy on one of em, or a
win95/98/nt box somewhere on the network.

just my opinion... :)

Karl G

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