[RC5] Can't hide 2.7100 client

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Mon Jul 6 12:39:39 EDT 1998

On 06-Jul-1998, Ed McCrudden wrote:
> As was pointed out to me by Derek Chee, the 2.7100 Win95 CLI client
> pops up a DOS window with "RC5DES" in the title bar for half a second
> on bootup, even when installed as a service with -hide and screen
> output disabled.  No more hidden client.
> Due to this "feature", I've been forced to uninstall 2.7100 and go
> back to the previous version of RC5DESH.EXE.  
> AFAIK, I'll still be able to participate in the upcoming DES contest,
> but I'd sure like to run the fastest client available.     :-(

Use the GUI client.

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