[RC5] emailing DES Blocks

Tim Charron tcharron at interlog.com
Mon Jul 6 23:52:43 EDT 1998

>  I was considering using the email method to retrieve blocks for my
> PC at work instead of having to transfer them via floppy from home.
> As of the 13th of July, will whatever server doles out blocks switch
> over to DES instead of RC5 or do I have to specify it in some way
> such as:
>  1000 blocks
>  2^28
>  DES
>  Or what...thanks

By default, RC5 blocks will be sent, since blocks sent out via email 
are not likely to be returned in a very timely manner.  To get DES 
blocks (once the contest is started), add a line like:


to your request.

-- Tim
Tim Charron
timc at distributed.net
tcharron at interlog.com

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