[RC5] Personal proxy statistics scripts

Francois Gouget gouget at metaintegration.net
Mon Jul 6 21:01:32 EDT 1998

	So I finally did it. I finally wrote scripts to parse the personal
proxy files. Maybe they're not the best or the most sophisticated but 
they do
what I want and are really simple. Here are their features:
 - generate static HTML pages that you can use with any Web server or 
   server at all
   - one page per day listing all the computers
   - one page per computer with a history
   - one index page referencing all the other pages
 - they don't use any "fancy" tool. Not that I don't like perl or other 
tools. It's just that they're not installed on the system I'm using 
(and that I don't know perl but don't repeat that). All you need is a 
shell (bash, ksh, maybe even sh is it supports functions), sed and awk 
and other standard Unix tools. Oh yeah, did I mention it's for Unix ?
 - it should be able to handle DESII contests (weel in fact mainly the 
one to come). Of course I haven't tested that yet.

	You will find them at this address:

	Unfortunately I'll be on vacation for the next two week so you'll be
on your own if you have problems with these scripts.

	There's probably a couple of bugs. awk seems to complain from time to
time that a line is too long. I didn't have time to debug this 
So if you know how to fix these bugs or come up wih enhancements, let 
me know,
send me an email at: "fgouget at mygale.org".

Francois Gouget
fgouget at mygale.org -- http://www.mygale.org/~fgouget/

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