[RC5] Who cracked that block ??

Ryan Schmidt berrytech at bigfoot.com
Wed Jul 8 03:03:29 EDT 1998

>So my scanning workstation name is 'scanner' , it had 'scanner' as it's 
>email address, because that is the machine that the blocks were cracked on

>So what you're telling me, is that all those blocks on all those different 
>machines are not being credited to my email address?

That is correct. They are being credited to the e-mail address "scanner" and
whatever else you have. See:


>This would mean that every machine needs to have my email address in the 
>setup, or I don't get credit for it.

That is correct.

>In this case, someone is getting a lot of free, unclaimed blocks. (Where do 
>these mystery blocks go anyway? I lost a full days worth of about 600 
>blocks a week or two ago due to a screw up on my config file)

If the blocks were checked by your computers and reported back to the
keyservers, then all is well, except your e-mail address won't get credited with
those blocks. If the blocks were fetched but never checked because of some
malfunction, all is well, because the blocks will be reissued automatically in 6
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