[RC5] best client to run under Irix 6.2 w/out mt support?

Ryan Curtis orion at cnw.com
Wed Jul 8 01:24:26 EDT 1998

I've been running the client for many months now on an SGI Indigo2 R10000
under Irix 6.2, and all has always worked well.  Now, when I got the new
v2.71000 client for Irix 6, I get an rld error that it 'cannot successfully
map soname libpthread.so'.  I don't have said file, so I assume I don't have
the libraries to support multi-threaded operations.

So, resulting questions:
1) Is there any way to get the libraries to support mt?
2) Is there any plan to release a non-mt Irix 6 client?
3) If not, what client is the best choice for this system?  The build 411
beta client, or the new 412 Irix 5 client?  The build 411 mips4 executable
gives -benchmark numbers of 306 kkeys/sec for RC5 and 2991 kkeys/sec for
DES.  The new 412 Irix 5 client reports 362 kkeys/sec for RC5 and only 1324
kkeys/sec for DES (not taking advantage of the 64-bit CPU).  Is there any
problem running the build 411 client through the DES-II-2 contest on this

PS - This is my third attempt to post this message to the mail list, but it
never shows up.  What am I doing wrong?

Ryan Curtis - orion at cnw.com

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