[RC5] mac fba replacement?

Liet Kynes kynes at choam.org
Wed Jul 8 14:00:23 EDT 1998

On Tue, 7 Jul 1998 22:01:25 -0500 (CDT), Keith A. Crabb wrote:

>Bad timing on the Meggs client bit.  Had plans to install it across 20
>G3 macs before the end of the week.  Any plans to make another hidden 
>background app for the mac client available.  I can't deploy one that 
>the users can see.
>  Keith A. Crabb          Keith at UH.EDU               0-

I was wondering this myself... I heard that 2.7100 would have this feature,
but it doesn't. :\ I, too, would like to get some of the labs around this
campus running the client... but, as I've said, having the admin's permission
is one thing; getting users to stop exiting the client is quite another.


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