[RC5] [ADMIN] State of distributed.net Address - July 8th, 1998

Adam L. Beberg beberg at distributed.net
Thu Jul 9 21:51:18 EDT 1998

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*** News ***

The Monarch is coming...

For the week ending July 4, 98, we did 49.3 million blocks for an
average keyrate of 21,883 Mk/s. This is an increase of 673,000 blocks
and 171 Mk/s from last week. At 21,883 Mk/s, it will take 26.4 years
exhaust the keyspace, down from 26.87 years last week, and 78.96 years
after our first month on the project (11/22/97). If our rate is
growing linearly at 27,357 blocks per day, we will exhaust the
keyspace in 5.4 years. If our keyrate is doubling every 135 days,
we will exhaust the keyspace in 2.1 years. As a point of interest, our
daily keyrate passed 26 Gk/s for the first time in normal operation
Monday, and we should have 1.5% of the keyspace completed after

4 more days... Just 4 little days...

DES-II-2 starts Monday, July 13th, at 9:00am PDT.  Be sure you're
running the latest v2.7100 client which will automatically switch to
DES once the contest has started.

Are you upgraded yet?

Sometime in the future in order to more strongly encourage upgrades
we may start giving partial credit in the stats for blocks coming in
from older clients. This will affect nothing but your standing in
the stats.

Prepare for the second coming...

It's very important for DES-II-2 that you use 2^31 sixed blocks and
set your buffers to 1 day or less sized buffers. Since we may chew
through DES-II-2 at up to 10%/day, we can't afford to not get results
back quickly.

For several months there has been a pile of hardware accumulating
at my feet here at the office, all in a little box tagged "For the
new Statsbox".  As generous (and stats-hungry) distributed.net
participants learned of our need to build a new and faster
statsbox, the donations began rolling in and I had to keep finding
bigger and bigger boxes to hold all the parts.

Today that collection of parts finally reached a state where it can
actually be booted.  Tomorrow I may even be to a point where I can
install NT and SQL Server and start loading data.  

The new box is a Dual PII-300 with ~12Gb of SCSI-2 drives thrown
inside.  It's got a case, keyboard, lan card, hard drive
controller, processors, heatsinks, and even a cute little cow decal
on the front.  The only thing that prevents it from taking over the
duties of the incredibly-overloaded statsbox we're using today is
RAM.  At present the new statsbox only contains two 32mb 72-pin EDO
SIMMs.  64mb is barely sufficient to bring this machine online, and
while it'll be enough ram for me to start building a stats machine,
it's nowhere near enough ram to run a public server.  So here's the
call to arms: I've got six (6) 72-pin sockets left to fill, and a
server with an unsatiable appetite for RAM.  This is the last
hurdle holding us back from a new and faster statsbox.  Not only
will this new machine be able to handle our present load
requirements, but once it's in service, I'll be able to get back to
my ever-growing list of desired features and enhancements.

Many thanks to all the generous people who have made this box
a reality!

Can you beat DES-II-2?

The new keymaster has been built.  Many many many thanks to users and
administrators who donated hardware to this box, such as Duncan,
Decibel, nwcr, fu, daa, and bovine.
The new box is a K6-300 with 128megs of SDRAM and a meg of onboard
SRAM cache.  It has a 4 gig UWSCSI disk (fu), and a  1.2 gig SCSI
(daa) which are powered by the Adaptec 2940UW (nwcr).  It also boots
and holds logs on the 6.4gb IDE UDMA disk that cowie donated.  
It built it's unix kernel in a three minutes and fourteen seconds.
This box is FAST! It even counts the ram fast on boot! :)
The new box will be implemented tonight after all of today's logs have
been sent to stats. (To prevent any confusion or delays.)

Set your clients to 2^31 blocks and only one days worth of buffers!

Last week we did final testing of multi-lingual support using Apache.
Everything worked fine, so we are one step closer to a multi-lingual
web site. All we are in need of is a cgi tool to allow our translators
to make changes to pages.

I'd like to thank Sampo, CompuPC, buck, and durkin for their help with
the testing... thanks guys! :)

  Adam L. Beberg
  beberg at distributed.net
  distributed.net founder

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