[RC5] Alpha/NT client??

Jeremy Patches zoomman at one.net
Wed Jul 8 16:46:57 EDT 1998

Since we are quickly nearing the start date of DES-II, I thought I would
bring this up...  What ever happended to Alpha/NT development?  There
hasn't been a new client release, or beta for that matter, in a VERY
long time.  Can we expect a 2.7100 client by the DES-II start??  Alpha
machines seem to do very well when it comes to DES, and it would be a
great waste to not implement a client for this group.  Please don't tell
me I'm going to need to switch my alpha back to linux.....

Jeremy Patches
zoomman at one.net
--no ICQ?? check out http://wwp.mirabilis.com/10642547
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