[RC5] Don't run it unauthorized, people!

Greg Ackerson jogar at bigfoot.com
Wed Jul 8 19:30:27 EDT 1998

Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 10:03:26 -0400
From: Ed McCrudden <693077 at ican.net>
Subject: [RC5] Can't hide 2.7100 client

As was pointed out to me by Derek Chee, the 2.7100 Win95 CLI client
pops up a DOS window with "RC5DES" in the title bar for half a second
on bootup, even when installed as a service with -hide and screen
output disabled.  No more hidden client.

Due to this "feature", I've been forced to uninstall 2.7100 and go
back to the previous version of RC5DESH.EXE.  

OK, I'm not saying that Ed is running Bovine on unauthorized machines, but 
speaking as someone who until recently was constantly looking for ways to 
"sneak" Bovine onto office machines that weren't under my jurisdiction, it 
sure sounds like he is.

People, this is a serious problem. Read the readme that comes with the 
2.7100 client: it plainly states RSA *requires* that participating 
machines be *authorized* to run the cracking client in question. I take it 
this means when one of us gets the RC5/64 or the DES II-2 key, if it was 
found on an unauthorized machine, the *entire contest is void*!!!  If I 
was RSA, that's what I would do.

I understand there's tremendous temptation to run it on all those 
unutilized or underutilized machines you see at work or school every day. 
I've suffered it, and succumbed to it as well.  *Don't do it!* What will 
it avail you to bump your stats up 100 places or so if RSA ends up voiding 
the contest? It's not worth it!

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