[RC5] Win95 hidden 2.7100 client?

Nicolas Perotin perotin at esker.fr
Thu Jul 9 10:10:45 EDT 1998

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Date: Thursday, July 09, 1998 8:22 AM
Subject: Re: [RC5] Win95 hidden 2.7100 client?

>On 02-Jul-1998, Derek Chee wrote:
>> Is there going to be an updated Win95 hidden v2.7100 client?  The Win95
>> CLI v2.7100client with the -quiet and -hide switches still pops up a DOS
>> window.
>Use the GUI client.
>The rc5desh client is outdated and its use is discouraged.  There's
>rarely a reason to prefer it over the gui client.

I have a good reason: the GUI client is instable and crashes on my w95
That's the reason for I use WIN32 CLI, and I want a hidden one, since
it's about the same a WIN32 CLI verbose.
Nicolas Perotin - nicolas.perotin at iname.com

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