[RC5] [ADMIN] State of distributed.net Address - July 8th, 1998

MiltonForté II forte at writeme.com
Fri Jul 10 17:36:42 EDT 1998

In <19980710054326.5072.qmail at mail3.teleport.com>, on 07/10/98 
   at 01:43 AM, "Tom Almy" <almy at teleport.com> said:

>In that case you better make the latest version available for all clients.
>I'm still waiting for the OS/2 client. Will DES-II-2 be over before it 

Go to the betatest page if you want the OS/2 client now.

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Written: Friday, July 10, 1998 - 04:36 PM
The Operating System/2 Version is 4.00 
Revision 9.028 
There are 31 Processes with 162 Threads.
This machine's uptime is 2d 6h 12m 5s 500ms.

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