[RC5] Slow clients

John Campbell jcampbel at lynn.ci-n.com
Fri Jul 10 16:06:26 EDT 1998

	Is it going to be possible to use old clients, i.e. the original
DES-II-1 clients, in DES-II-2?

	I ask because I've just downloaded the "newer, better, faster"
2.7100.413 linux client, and it's a speed loss, sometimes a very large one,
on several of my machines.

	My 486-DX2-66, which has been cracking RC5 at a steady 61kk/s with
2.7014.397, benchmarks at 56kk/s RC5 and a pathetic 6kk/s DES with the new
client. It got close to 120kk/s DES during the first contest.

	My other 486, a DX-33, which has been getting a steady 30kk/s RC5
with 2.7014.397, benchmarks at a measly 6kk/s RC5 with the 2.7100.413
client. It got 75kk/s DES in the first contest, and is now benchmarking at
15kk/s with the new client.

	Both of these machines are set in their config files to use the
386/486 core.

	The new client is an improvement on my AMD 386-DX-40. RC5 speed has
remained very much the same, but the client has quit dumping core every time
it tries to do DES. It remains to be seen if it'll hold up during the real
contest, but, for the first time, it made it through the DES benchmark
without crashing. The speed was reasonable, too.

John Campbell
jcampbel at lynn.ci-n.com

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