[RC5] Multiple NT clients in one diectory?

Florian Laws fl at dmc.de
Fri Jul 10 17:43:48 EDT 1998

Hi all.

My sysadmin said i am only allowed to run the rc5 client when _I_ am
using the machine. So bye-bye NT-service client :-(
Now, I want to run the NT console client, as soon as i swith one the
machine and, since I'm quite forgetful, put it into the autostart group.
And here is the problem: I sometimes work at multiple machines and since
user profiles are shared across the network, I fear that two or more
clients are started in the same directory. 
What will happen then? Will the share their work? Or will they clobber
each others buff-out?
Recommendations for the settings for machines that are running just a
few hours/day?

Thanks in advance,

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