[RC5] old clients and DES-II-1 blocks

dan carter motion at es.co.nz
Sat Jul 11 15:22:10 EDT 1998

         What about old DES buffers?

         A: The 2.7100 clients will identify DES blocks from DES-II-1
that may be sitting in disk buffers and discard
         them. The older clients will process them. Theoretically, the
buffers simply tell the client which part of the
         keyspace to check, so no harm will come, it will just mean
your work won't be coordinated by the
         keyserver which may cause a small amount of duplicated work.
Perhaps a coder would like to coment on

Is this true, or do the buffers contain something more important like
the cyphertext?

If so are the proxies equiped to discard the results of DES-II-1

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