[RC5] OK, maybe not *the* fastest computer...

Greg Ackerson jogar at bigfoot.com
Sun Jul 12 01:27:12 EDT 1998


According to a benchmark site I visited, the P5-100 has a Linpack score of 
6.62. (I'm assuming this is "maximum") Multiplied by Dist.Net's ~157,000 
P5-100 equivalents (on the big stats page), that equals a Linpack score of 
~~1.04 million, which would put us in 2nd place:

1. Intel ASCI Red : 1,338,000. 1997. Research.
2. SGI T3E 1200 : 891,500. 1998. Classified Gov't.

Considering how much we are paying for Dist.Net's power, however, I think 
we're getting a pretty good deal!  :)

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