[RC5] New Build 415 Clients

Liet Kynes kynes at choam.org
Sun Jul 12 00:10:06 EDT 1998

On Sun, 12 Jul 1998 01:56:18 GMT, Jeff Gilchrist wrote:

>I just downloaded the new Linux x86 build 415 client.  It has a different
>look than before with some more credits and some new options.
>One of the new options is "Use MMX instructions?"
>Did someone find a way to use MMX to speed things up?  If yes, what are
>the improvements?

It increases DES performance by a *lot* - my DES speed is now about 4x
what my RC5 speed is with the MMX client. this should really help us
tear through DES-II-2. :)

(technically, it doesn't use MMX; it just takes advantages of features
the MMX processors have.)


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