[RC5] [ADMIN] DES-II-2 in less than ten hours.

Daniel Baker dbaker at jeep.ops.neosoft.com
Mon Jul 13 02:01:52 EDT 1998



That's correct, DES-II-2 is starting in less than half a day.  The proxy
network is ready to cut over to the new contest.  All that is required
is the contest data (http://www.rsa.com/rsalabs/des2/html/secretkey.html)
from RSA Labs.

How fast can we find the key?  Well, we have ten days to do it.  How
about we find the key in... three.   Please put the latest client on
all machines that you have access (and permission!) to.  Each little
bit helps us find "The unknown message" a little bit sooner.
We hope you are all as excited as we are!

If you're running a personal proxy to handle blocks for your clients,
please make sure you're running version 278 or later, preferrably
version 280. Versions prior to 278 may not handle version 2.7100 client
blocks correctly.

 -- CLIENT USERS (aka everyone) --
2.7100: The client with a lot of releases

You may have noticed that there are quite a few 2.7100 releases that
have been made in the last few days. A few of these changes have been
bugfixes, but the most important changes in the last few days have 
been related to DES speed increases.

If you're using any MMX capable x86 processor, you'll be very interested
in the new build 416 rc5/des clients. Thanks to the hard work of
Bruce Ford and Remi Guyomarch, DES cores that use MMX have been made.
Here's a short table of the speed increase that we've seen with the

MMX cores:

        BrydDES (408-415)   old MMX (415)  new MMX (416)
PII/400:     1910 kkeys/s   3150 kkeys/s   3200 kkeys/s
K6-2/300:    1440 kkeys/s   ------------   2500 kkeys/s
P5/200 :      995 kkeys/s   1478 kkeys/s   1650 kkeys/s
K6/200 :      960 kkeys/s   1118 kkeys/s   1230 kkeys/s
6x86MX :      562 kkeys/s    652 kkeys/s   ------------

As you can see, the speed increase has been dramatic. If you are still
able to install new clients on your MMX machines, please do! If you're
running a 2.7100 already and do not have a MMX machine, there is
no need to upgrade unless you are experiencing one of the bugs that
has been fixed in a later build.

IRIX users should also check for new clients. Thanks to
Jessica L. Fox, there is an entirely new batch of IRIX clients,
with optimizations for a much wider variety of MIPS processors. We
don't have any chart of performance increases at the moment, but
checking to see is definitely worth your while.
2.70xx: The client that's still kicking

Unfortunately, 2.7100 clients for certain platforms are still not
available. If this is the case, you may still participate in DES-II-2,
although a little more effort must be put in.

The first thing you should check is if you have the option to run a
client from a different operating system that shares your processor
type (for example, the <insert acronym>bsd systems tend to be able
to run clients from their <insert acronym>bsd brothers.

If this is not the case, and you must run a 2.70xx client, here is
what you must remember to do at the time of the des-ii-2 contest start.

#1 - Delete any old des buffer files; the 2.70xx clients are not smart
enough to remove old blocks from des-ii-1.

#2 - Update the setting preferredcontest= in the .ini file to 2 so that
the client will start processing des. Note that you should only do
this AFTER des-ii-2 blocks have begun flowing from the keyservers.

So, don't despair, 2.70xx clients will still work, they just require more
work on your part.

        Happy Cracking!

        dbaker (dbaker at distributed.net)
        silby  (silby at execpc.com)

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