[RC5] [ADMIN] DES-II-2 Has Begun!!! The Monarch Returns!!!

The Watcher root at distributed.net
Mon Jul 13 12:15:35 EDT 1998

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Look what emerged from its cocoon today!

   //\         /\\
  || * \ . . / * ||
    / *  /O\  * \
    \__/  "  \__/

DES-II-2 is back, hope you're ready, because distributed.net sure is.
We have 10 days to find the magic key, turn it in, and claim the
$10,000 prize. 

As a reminder, please set your preferred block size as high as
possible (preferably 31 bit) and buffer size so that you are
buffering no more than 1 days worth of work. We need you to do large
sized blocks to help reduce network load (our estimated keyrate is
twice what it was for DES-II-1), and block latency will be _very_
important in this contest because we will probably start recycling
by day 5 or 6.

RC5 stats will be unavailable until the end of DES. DES stats should
be up at ~0200 GMT tomorrow.

We highly recommend you upgrade to the newest 2.71 clients if you can.
If you must run an older client (prior to build 408), please check to
make sure that prefferedcontest is set to 2, not 1. In later clients,
make sure processdes=1.

Remember that the clients will not switch to DES until they talk to
the network. In order to get the biggest head start on DES, you can
temporarily set your RC5 buffers to 1:1, or force a manual update
once DES has started.

Be sure to check for the latest clients as well. New MMX clients
were released yesterday that are almost twice as fast on my system.
Check http://www.distributed.net/clients.html often, or stop by
#distributed on IRCs EFnet and join in the fun.

  Adam L. Beberg
  beberg at distributed.net
  distributed.net founder

Version: PGP 5.5.5


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