[RC5] Multiple NT clients in one diectory?

R. Kelley Cook kcook at ibm.net
Mon Jul 13 14:53:17 EDT 1998

On Fri, 10 Jul 1998 16:43:48 +0200, Florian Laws wrote:

>And here is the problem: I sometimes work at multiple machines and since
>user profiles are shared across the network, I fear that two or more
>clients are started in the same directory. 

No problem.  Only small issue is that since the .ini settings are
shared too, if you change the configuration on one computer, another
running client will not get the updates.

>What will happen then? Will the share their work? Or will they clobber
>each others buff-out?


>Recommendations for the settings for machines that are running just a
>few hours/day?

You might want to run the box with fetch:flush settings of 1:1, so you
don't forget to flush before you walk out.

 -- Kelley Cook
(sorry about the double entendre ...)

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