[RC5] So how was our first day

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Tue Jul 14 09:08:00 EDT 1998


We're almost through the first 24-hours of the DES-II-2 contest...  How
are we doing?

(The stats graphs, etc. don't seem to give a complete picture yet,
since they only capture the first few hours of the contest, it

One thing is for sure -- with optimized RISC cores and ready-to-roll
infrastructure, I think we stand a chance of really whipping DES-II-2
into submission.  :-)  The DES-II-2 start was alot cleaner than the
DES-II-1 start.

One warning, though:  I have an offline machine at home which is
manually updated via a cronjob with periodic dialins.  It didn't switch
over until I manually restarted the client and set "contestdone2=0" in
the INI file.  I'm running the x86 MMX release (build 416).  Everyone
should double-check that all their machines made the switch.

Good luck, and happy crunching!

   Obligatory morning silliness:

   [to the tune of the Nestle Crunch jingle]

   "A DES block is scrumptious, when it crunches. 
    That's why I like DES-key Crunch!"



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