[RC5] Possible GUI freezing mirc/eudora bug fix.

Tom Cramer drakino at usa.net
Tue Jul 14 11:55:57 EDT 1998

Also several other programs do this as well.  My friend has been having
this problem also, but he doesn't use Eudora or mIRC.  I'll get back to you
on a more complete list of programs,  one I remember off the top of my head
was Adobe Photoshop 5.


At 08:20 PM 7/13/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Since we switched to the build 405+ GUI (built in VWCL instead of OWL),
>there have been isolated reports of Eudora/Mirc not starting up
>correctly while the gui is running.  We have become aware of a possible
>cause/solution of this problem.  If you're running a win32 GUI client
>and having this problem, please try this:  Run the client in hidden
>mode.  Once you have done this and determined whether or not this fixes
>the problem, please e-mail silby at execpc.com with your results.

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