[RC5] Possible GUI freezing mirc/eudora bug fix.

Dan Sugalski sugalskd at osshe.edu
Tue Jul 14 10:49:02 EDT 1998

At 08:20 PM 7/13/1998 -0500, Mike Silbersack wrote:
>Since we switched to the build 405+ GUI (built in VWCL instead of OWL),
>there have been isolated reports of Eudora/Mirc not starting up
>correctly while the gui is running.  We have become aware of a possible
>cause/solution of this problem.  If you're running a win32 GUI client
>and having this problem, please try this:  Run the client in hidden
>mode.  Once you have done this and determined whether or not this fixes
>the problem, please e-mail silby at execpc.com with your results.

It's more than just a startup problem. If the 416 client is running with
*just* the tray icon showing, Eudora will, at seemingly random times,
freeze up until the client's killed. (It often starts just fine) A
CTRL-ALT-DELETE shows both Eudora and the client with a [not responding]
tag after a little while. Killing the client wakes Eudora back up.

Note that if the client actually has a window open it works OK, which is an
adequate workaround in some situations.


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