[RC5] Re:rc5-digest V1 #219

Remi Guyomarch rguyom at mail.dotcom.fr
Wed Jul 15 00:03:33 EDT 1998

Jeff Rosowski wrote:
> Is there any reason why DES won't use more than two processors in multiprocessor
> machines.  I have a quad processor and it insists on doing two rc5 blocks and
> two des blocks.  If I put the rc5 buffers to 0:0 it still just does two DES
> blocks.  I would think in a time critical application such as this, a
> significant gain would be had by allowing DES to use all four processors.  Right
> now my DES key rate is effectively cut in half.

We have only two DES threads per client. You have to launch more clients
to fully use your quad-processor machine. Check with the task-manager
(Ctrl-Shift-Esc) that each process will use different processors :
right-click on each process and set the processor affinity so that each
client use a different processor pair.

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