[RC5] Unexpected benchmark results for Cyrix 6x86 CPU

Michael K. Weise mkw at att.net
Tue Jul 14 09:01:30 EDT 1998

Jeff Lawson wrote:
> The following clients have recently been made available for download:
> v2.7100/rc5des415-win32-x86-cli.zip


Benchmarking my Cyrix 6x86 120 MHz (non-MMX) CPU with this client, I get
the following results:

CPU-t   RC5    DES
-1      198k   392k
0       198k   392k
1       202k   397k
3       243k   185k

As I've stated before, automatic CPU detection selects CPU type 0 (pentium
core) rather than 3 (Cyrix core.)

For RC5, the Cyrix core is by far the fastest. For DES, however, the
i486/386 core is fastest (more than twice as fast as the Cyrix core.)

I'll be using -c 1 for the duration of the DES contest, and -c 3 after we
switch back to RC5.

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