[RC5] Curious client behavior

Unrau, Trevor UnrauT at aecl.ca
Wed Jul 15 08:43:50 EDT 1998

I've noticed the following curious behavior of the client on one of my
machines.  The machine is a Pentium (no MMX) running Windows 95, and the
client is V2.7100.416b Win32 gui.

I had the feeling that the client wasn't running as efficiently as it could
be.  So I ran Wintop and gazed at the numbers for a couple minutes.  What I
noticed was that the client never used more than 75% CPU time, but the Idle
time was consistently around 20% or more.

I thought maybe some rogue process was tapping into the Idle resource, so I
used Wintop to kill everything running except the client and system
resources.  The problem didn't leave.

I changed the client's configuration by raising the niceness level from 0 to
1.  Now the Idle time went down to 0.1% or so, and the client used 95% CPU
time or more.  This gave me the key rates I was expecting, but the condition
only lasted as long as the client was in focus.  Once it lost focus, the
numbers went back to the former condition.

I changed niceness to 2, and the times stayed at ~0.1% Idle and ~95% client
all the time, but the system was sluggish and some programs refused to run.
So now I have left it at niceness 1 and I just have to remember to put the
client in focus when I'm not using the machine.

The same behavior occurs with the cli client, and with versions back at
least as far as 2.70xx.

Would anyone have an explanation for this anomaly?  None of my other Windows
95 machines have this problem, even though they run the same client.


Trevor Unrau
Computer Hardware Technologist
Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.
email: unraut at aecl.ca
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