[RC5] Cyrix M2-300

Khouri Giordano kgiordano at nikondev.com
Wed Jul 15 20:56:50 EDT 1998

I set up a few Cyrix M2-300 (233MHz) machines to process RC5 and they
do 550 kkeys/sec. My main machine is a K6-233 which does 380
kkeys/sec. Now that we've switch to DES, the Cyrix's do 800 and the K6
does 1400. The software detects the K6 properly and uses the MMX core,
but it detects the M2's as "Cyrix 486". I had to force the software to
use the 6x86 core but it doesn't use the MMX core.

Will the MMX core be put into the DOS client soon? I have 3 out of 4
of the Cyrix machines running DOS.
Khouri Giordano
Software Technology Researcher
Nikon Electronic Imaging | http://www.nikonusa.com/
kgiordano at nikondev.com

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