[RC5] Differing processor speeds

Steve Bird sbird at UATC.com
Wed Jul 15 11:15:38 EDT 1998

Ok, here's my set-up.

At home I have 2 machines....a P200MMX and a P2-266, both of them are
Intel-based processors. When I benchmark both machines I get
1.9M/keys/second on the P200MMX and 2.15M/keys/second on the P2-266.  Both
of these figures are from the DES benchmarking section of the test.

My questions are:

1) Are these results unusual?

2)If so, is the P200MMX score too high or is the P2-266 score too low?

3) In almost every other application I have (ranging from games to the
RC5-64 - based benchmark), the P2-266 outshines the P200MMX to the tune of
about 2.5:1 in raw performance(actually 3:1 in RC5-64), Why isn't this same
level of performance represented in the DES benchmark.  To me, it almost
seems as if the results would be consistent with a (hypothetical) Pentium
266(ie...the extra instructions of the P2 aren't even used).  So whats up
with this?

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