[RC5] Build 415 with MMX capability

Phil Gregory phil at elrond.dyn.ml.org
Wed Jul 15 18:57:17 EDT 1998


On Tue, 14 Jul 1998, Brian Morrison wrote:

> You know, I think d.net are digging a bit of a hole with the release of the
> MMX-enabled clients for DES-II-2.
> Assuming that we will make the 10 day limit without them, then their use
> this time round makes DES-II-3 much harder. The better strategy might have
> been to use the new speed on DES-II-3 but not on DES-II-2. The only reason
> for using them now is if the 10 day limit were breached.

The problem with this sort of argument is that we can apply it infinitely.
For DES-II-3, we can say, "Don't use the fast clients because there's
DES-II-4."  We have to assume that we'll have to exhaust the keyspace to
get the key, because any other assumption could lead us to miss the
deadline.  If we have ten days to do this, then we need to be processing
10% of the keyspace a day.  We're about two days into this, and we have
(at last check) about 6% finished.  We need every bit of speed that we can
muster, and the MMX clients are a huge boost for capable processors.

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