[RC5] d.net

GMH13 at aol.com GMH13 at aol.com
Wed Jul 15 23:42:28 EDT 1998

1)  The individual stats pages are reporting "percentage of keyspace" as a
2^64 keyspace, not 2^56, which makes me feel 256 more insignificant than I
really am (which isn't very significant to start with).

2)  What percentage of Amazon purchases does d.net earn if I purchase through
the link on the donations page?

3)  If I enter Amazon through the link on the donations page can I wonder
around in Amazon or need I purchase right away?  How do I verify Amazon is
donating to d.net?

4)  During the past week someone on this list pointed out that when you
request a 2^31 block there are several different combinations you might
receive, making choosing a buffering size difficult.  Would it be possible to
setup the proxies such that they have four buffers (2^28, 2^29, 2^30, and
2^31)?  This way the proxies wouldn't need to cut blocks into odd pieces.  The
proxies could receive all their blocks from the master as 2^31 and then cut
them up themselves as needed (which is probably how it is setup currently).

Greg Hogan
GMH13 at aol.com
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