[RC5] Build 415 with MMX capability

Remi Guyomarch rguyom at mail.dotcom.fr
Wed Jul 15 23:46:56 EDT 1998

Brian Morrison wrote:
> You know, I think d.net are digging a bit of a hole with the release of the
> MMX-enabled clients for DES-II-2.
> Assuming that we will make the 10 day limit without them, then their use
> this time round makes DES-II-3 much harder. The better strategy might have
> been to use the new speed on DES-II-3 but not on DES-II-2. The only reason
> for using them now is if the 10 day limit were breached.

Personally I'm not 100% sure we can break this thing in 10 days. And
beside this, there is room for further improvements in the MMX core.

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