[RC5] New Build 415 Clients

Barry Dean barry.dean at st-hughs.oxford.ac.uk
Thu Jul 16 13:45:53 EDT 1998

On Sun, 12 Jul 1998, dan carter wrote:

> The improvements on an IBM 6x86MX-200 are 680K k/s Vs. 915K k/s

However, there seems to be some discrepancy between block size and number
of keys checked.  It looks like the new build clients are checking twice
as many keys as they need to :

[Jul 15 17:49:31 GMT] Loaded DES 1*2^30 block 0001F96C:40000000
[Jul 15 18:30:08 GMT] Completed DES block 0001F96C:40000000 (2147483648 keys)
[Jul 15 18:30:08 GMT] 0.00:40:37.32 - [881,083.99 keys/sec]

(2^30 block has 1073741824 keys, but keys checked = 2147483648 = 2^31)


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