[RC5] Differing processor speeds

Patrick rc5 at SmalNet.ch
Thu Jul 16 00:00:53 EDT 1998

to help with compare : these are the rate we got on different proc.

with MMX instruction , you don't take advantage of the dual pipelining of
the PII anymore , but just of the MMX part of the PII, which is the same on
the Pmmx, thus both proc. should perform the same at same freq.

The BIG loser here is the PPro, without MMX, this proc just doesn't keep up
a single Pmmx-233 beats a dual PPro-200 (both proc used)

K5-100 :  520 Kk/s
P-150 :  700 Kk/s
P-166 :  844 Kk/s
PPro-200 :  980 Kk/s
K6-233  :  1.29  Mk/s
K6-233  :  1.34  Mk/s
K6-233  :  1.35  Mk/s
Dual PPro-200 :  1.67 Mk/s
Pmmx-233 :  1.8 Mk/s      95 osr2
Pmmx-233 :  1.83 Mk/s
Pmmx-250 :  1.97 Mk/s      95
Pmmx-262 :  2.0 Mk/s
Pmmx-233 :  2.1 Mk/s      4.00.950 C
Pmmx-250 :  2.3 Mk/s      NT
Pmmx-262 :  2.39 Mk/s
PII-300  :  2.47 Mk/s
PII-400  :  3.01 Mk/s  95 osr2
PII-412  :  3.2  Mk/s


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From: Steve Bird <sbird at UATC.com>

>Ok, here's my set-up.
>At home I have 2 machines....a P200MMX and a P2-266, both of them are
>Intel-based processors. When I benchmark both machines I get
>1.9M/keys/second on the P200MMX and 2.15M/keys/second on the P2-266.  Both
>of these figures are from the DES benchmarking section of the test.
>My questions are:
>1) Are these results unusual?
>2)If so, is the P200MMX score too high or is the P2-266 score too low?
>3) In almost every other application I have (ranging from games to the
>RC5-64 - based benchmark), the P2-266 outshines the P200MMX to the tune of
>about 2.5:1 in raw performance(actually 3:1 in RC5-64), Why isn't this same
>level of performance represented in the DES benchmark.  To me, it almost
>seems as if the results would be consistent with a (hypothetical) Pentium
>266(ie...the extra instructions of the P2 aren't even used).  So whats up
>with this?
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